The following message may appear in the macro system is unable to open FirmData2010.mdb in the C:\WordMacros\WordFirmData folder:

“The macro system is unable to read the macro system database (FirmData2010.mdb). Most likely, this file has become locked. Please seek technical assistance (the Admin Guide spells out steps for correcting this problem).”

First, make sure all users have FULL RIGHTS to the WordFirmData folder.

If that is not the explanation, Windows sometimes locks this file, even though it is not in use. To address this:
1. Log in as Administrator.
2. Give the user Local Admin rights.
3. Log in as the user.
4. Go to C:\WordMacros\WordFirmdata and delete the FirmData2010.mdb file.
5. Start MS-Word, which will trigger an error because that file is missing.
6. Exit Word and run the updatemacros.bat process, to get the file back again.
7. Start Word and verify that the error disappears.
8. If desired, log back in as Administrator to remove the user’s Local Admin rights.