We customize CCC Macro Pro as extensively as desired for each client. This is our typical customization process, which is designed to ensure that by the time you roll out the system, it has been adapted to meet your particular needs and preferences and works reliably in your environment:

  1. First, we ask your firm to assemble a variety of sample documents and information that illustrate the format and contents of documents that will be assembled using our macros.
  2. Next, we meet with you to review in detail all of the samples and information you have collected, together with the features of our system, in order to learn your needs and preferences and develop specifications for the customization of the system.
  3. We customize the features of our system based upon that specifications process.
  4. We install the customized system into your environment, work with your IT staff and/or integrator to develop a tailored process for deploying and updating the system, integrate the system with other applications you may use, and complete final details.
  5. We meet with you once more, this time to go through all of the areas of the system we customized in order to make sure they meet your approval.  During this review, you may request tweaks and changes to ensure that the new system is as efficient a solution as possible for your practice.
  6. We make the modifications identified during our review system, then complete system documentation, including a comprehensive User Guide, Keystroke Shortcut List, Admin Guides, and other documentation if needed.
  7. At this point, you may test the system as desired, possibly with a pilot group that is trained in its use. If you identify any required corrections, we make them promptly.
  8. Finally, you train and deploy the system to everyone, and we provide support in case you should run into any issues or special needs during the rollout process.


The attorneys are THRILLED with the macros! One of the attorneys who is the head of the family law department only uses Outlook on a general basis, and his secretary does everything for him. He is so excited about the macros and styles that he said he's going to try to do documents himself and see how it goes. A convert! The attorneys each personally shook my hand after training, to thank me.
Renee Schwartz, legal trainer
Your macros are responsive and powerful…The macros are stable and our documents look consistent firm wide. Anyone can step in and assist with any document when needed because everyone is using the same system. Customization for a particular need is easy. Your response to any issues (minor) we’ve had is always quick and helpful.
Gretchen Johnson and Rick Webster, Gilchrist & Rutter