Extensive automation

for efficient document production

CCC Macro Pro automates the creation and formatting of a variety of legal documents, including correspondence, pleadings, transactional and other documents, making your document production more efficient than ever.

Meticulous Customization

for a smooth implementation

We customize CCC Macro Pro extensively to adopt each client’s particular needs and preferences. We thoroughly test and review the system with you in your environment before it is rolled out, to ensure a smooth implementation.

Thorough integration

for a seamless transition

We integrate CCC Macro Pro into each client’s environment on an individual basis and have integrated with a wide variety of document, case and contact management and other legal applications. We take care to ensure that our system is compatible with each of the other Desktop applications you use.

What Makes Us Successful


We offer a comprehensive set of features, including correspondence, envelope, label, and pleading templates, as well as a complete style and formatting system, easy and flexible outline numbering and extensive document cleanup tools.


Our standard pricing includes customization of our features based upon a detailed evaluation of your firm's needs and preferences. We work closely with you to examine your documents, identify your preferences, and tailor our system for your firm.


We have a solid reputation and receive high praise for consistently responding very quickly and effectively whenever our clients need assistance. Simply email our support account, and you will hear from us promptly with a concrete response or solution.