Our Advantages

We Adapt to You

We dedicate a lot of effort to ensure that our system is meticulously adapted to meet your needs and preferences.

We Make Sure it Works

Before it is deployed, we thoroughly test our system in your environment, review it with you, and submit it to you for your own testing, so you can be sure it works on day one.

We Respond Very Promptly

Ask any of our clients, and they will confirm that we respond very promptly to all communications and handle requests for support very rapidly.

We Offer a Complete Solution

We offer a complete set of features, not just to efficiently create documents, but to easily apply and modify styles and numbering and to clean up and convert documents.

We Make Pleadings Easy

Our litigation features are extensive and highly automated, and we adapt them based on the specific requirements of the venues where you file pleadings.

About Us

CCC Macro Pro is a comprehensive system of macros, templates, styles, numbering, and other formatting and document cleanup tools for MS-Office. Our system is customized for each law firm client based on the firms practice areas and individual needs and preferences. We follow a rigorous process to ensure the customization of our system meets your needs and is approved before it is rolled out.

The product was first available in 1991 when Eric Crowther, the founder and president, formed a business to provide custom macro programming and word processing consulting and training to law firms throughout California. Today, the company has hundreds of clients on the West Coast.

Our Team