If the Document ID is not inserted when saving new documents or versions, the integration of the macro system with your Document Management System (iManage, Worldox, etc.) must be missing or disabled.

A. If you use iManage, Word may have started without running its normal startup process, which activates the macro system integration. Close Word, make sure WINWORD.EXE is not running, then restart Word and try saving a document to see if the ID appears.
1. If it does, the problem was that Word was launched in some manner that prevented the startup process from running.
2. If it does not, please verify that the zCCCIManInt.dot template is installed and that it is not disabled. If that does not explain the problem, please contact CCC for assistance.

B. If you use Worldox, the customized version of the Worldox STARTUP template provided by CCC may have been replaced with a generic version of that template, possibly as a result of a Worldox upgrade. If you find the customized version in the WordMacroStartup folder in the main macro folder on the server, try copying that down to the local Office STARTUP folder to see if it helps. If not, please contact CCC for assistance.

C. If you use another DMS, please contact CCC for assistance.